Are you stuck in procrastination? Are stuck with self-sabotaging behaviors? Do you have things stuck on your To-Do list since Jesus was a baby? Yes, I said it! 

If this sounds like you, it’s time to stop the madness and Get Your “ISH” Done!

I want you to stop the endless cycle of starting and stopping in your business and in your life. You can either go after what you want or stay where you are. 

Every day you’re met with challenges that require you to act quickly. “Hemming and hawing” demonstrates a lack of confidence, which can be fatal to your business success, relationships and life in general. If you’re ready to move some things forward, I encourage you take this 30-Day Challenge.

If you NEED: 

⚫ Accountability 

⚫ Guidance 

⚫ Support 

⚫ Resources and tools to get it done 

⚫ AND – a coach/mentor that is a downright get in your face, take no excuses motivator 

If you ARE:

  • A newly certified (or non-certified) coach
  • A greenie at running a business
  • Stuck, trying to figure it all out on your own

Then this challenge is for you. Let the next 30 days be your most productive 30 days EVER! 

Do you know what you can accomplish in 30 days with focus, clarity, motivation and accountability? 

⚫ In 30 days you could launch that business idea you’ve been playing with for years. 

⚫ In 30 days you could have a kickass free offer on your website which drives more traffic and paying clients to you. 

⚫ In 30 days you could have your email marketing system setup. 

⚫ In 30 days you could have your website up and running. 

Hell, in 30 days you could even have your first paying client. 

For only $3.23 a day you will receive daily activities, a weekly Live Power Hour (via LIVE streaming in my private challenge community) where you will Get Your “ISH” Done and have an opportunity for Q & A with me - AND so much more. 

 AND – of course there's juicy bonuses: 

Bonus #1 A 6-part Audio Training Series, Overcoming Procrastination – The Art of Getting Your“ISH” Done NOW

Bonus #2 A 20-minute checkup call with me personally at the end of the challenge to ensure you have the proper game plan to KEEP IT MOVING. 


What you get from this challenge: 

• You get a coach/mentor that believes in you 

• You get renewed self-confidence 

• You get a support system to help you end the procrastination 

• You get a renewed mindset 

• You get insider tips from me and a few of my super friends 

• You get “hands on” help to complete your task

What you get from the Bonus 6-part Audio Training Series

• 7 tricks that productive people use to get it done NOW 

• How to become fearless in the face of uncertainty 4 easy ways to set yourself up for success…in any situation 

• Simple ways to eliminate procrastination in your daily life 

• How to overcome analysis paralysis and emotional overwhelm 

• A 3-step process to avert and escape daily DRAMA 

• How procrastination pulls cash from your wallet…and how to stop it.

What others say about working with Valerie...

"I used to feel overwhelmed with everything that I wanted to accomplish, but after working with you I have developed a way to organize my goals and work on them one piece at a time. Thank you for helping me to prioritize my goals and realize that everything does not have to be done at one time." 

~ N. Christian 

"My name is Shelly Jean. I have had the privilege to be mentored by this exceptional woman Valerie Priester. I am in a home based business and love it. In building my business my personal life has had me in a tailspin. Mentoring with Valerie I was able to take a breath and move to the next step and then to the next step. She believes as I do in Women empowering women. Valerie is the leader you deserve to have in your life to assist you to the next level." 

~ Shelly Jean, Transformation Specialist - Life Begins Again 

"I am so grateful to have met Mrs. Priester. She has given me the tools and techniques to eliminate self-doubt and sabotaging limiting beliefs. My greatest take away from working with Valerie is a new found belief in myself and my abilities to succeed in my business. 

 Working with Valerie also opened my creative juices; as a result I have been able to create new revenue streams in my business. I am excited to see what the next 6 months will bring for my business." 

~ Jeanette Curry, Personal Chef - Personal Chef Services by Jeanette Curry 

After working with Valerie for only 30 days I am pleased to say that I had a 65% increase in sales, a higher level of confidence, and I talked to more people about the great opportunity my business has to offer. I had an abundance of creativity ideas in the past 30 days that lead to greater excitement and more productive activities. I am looking forward to closing out 2014 with a bang. 

~ Rhonda Talley, Senior Consultant - Mary Kay 

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